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When younger, less danger, I entwined with a stranger. Still years later my heart skips its beat.  
She refined my horizon, shared her thirst for the finest and a craving for life oh so sweet  
A night I felt wired, wound up with me sired, all changed when I crossed by her path  
Up till those fateful moments I was feeling so hopeless, now consumed by her dark aftermath  
Memories not all I kept to remind how she marked me that night, torched my soul on the pyre  
But from the moment I wished till long past her dark kiss, ive felt nothing but purest desire  
Life before no adventure till the night I surrendered, her deep points and darkest indulge  
That night no one behaved, She stole more than I gave and kept details too late to divulge  
On that night of mixed fate, whilst walking out late, spied what I assumed was a babe in the rough  
She'd gained a moron’s attention, dishonorably intentioned, his comments were more than off cuff  
Downwind of the pair, a strong scent fill my air ways , enticingly feminine for sure  
I felt a slight daze, laced, her perfume, amazing, got so keep intentions pure  
"a damsel distressed to protect" I assumed Incorrect, moron stood over, his grin widely gleamed  
He pushed hard, down she fell, she let out a small yell, poorly acted, more control than it seemed  
I was about to step in, till a right jab to chin, felled her assailant, splayed out on the ground  
She appeared pleased as punch at her large landed crunch. bit lip, sly glanced, checked no witness around  
Couldn't see very much but her step on his crutch, she overshadowed, he looked dazed and weak.  
Then I'd guessed she were spurred to deal him a sharp word, she overbore, leaned in closer to speak.  
Lesson then escalated, moron acutely dominated, Her threat, I surmised, was to force a retract.  
He gave her a spray, she took more than a mouthful, then seemed soon he had no more impact  
When done in the dirt she then ripped off his shirt, revamped her satisfied smile back to bright.  
Kicked some dust in his face, disposed the cloth without grace, gained composure, dissolved into night.  
Once bad ass femme left the scene, I flint lit some green, then exhaled with a small telling cough.  
I didn't see him get up so thought big mouth moron was drunk, he just lay still, I'd guessed, sleeping it off.  
"That was insane" I said quiet, drew again coughing violent, wisely decided against drawing smoke more  
caught my breath, feeling winded, half my joint was now cindered, head so woozy, my throat feeling raw  
Wait what was that? was that a noise at my back?" I spun round to see a streak in the dark  
Felt unease there and then, another glimpse and again, was this Paranoia? or should I disembark?  
I thought "wow, there she is" her eyes alert, slightly quizzed, more than disturbed by my unwanted glare  
Sized me up as she lurked, here then gone, tactics worked. I was so rigid, couldn't do more than stare  
Like a deer in her light, I was just frozen on sight, the prey marked and the predator unbowed  
Closing dread, my hands trembled, stress was fully assembled, my tell-tale heart it was thumping so loud  
Then a slow sleek approach, though enticing, ferocious. Vocal hurdles kept me tripping on tongue  
I could see she meant business, her stare so intense, seemed more a threat than any other so young  
"What the hell did you just see? Why were you spying on me? Answer me now!" she growled "No delay!!"  
Stuttered words not one good, I made no sense understood, Chronic moronic, she held total sway  
"You're so gorgeous" I blurted, holding it in only hurt, feelings free, A flash flood of relief  
Till frankness apparent, submissive, embarrassed, I'd been so forward I lacked true belief  
"So sorry, a mishap and I'm not sure what just happened to say such a brash thing at first sight"  
Offensive demeanor then changed, her intensity waned, raised a brow and she smiled a slight  
"Well now aren't you a charmer!" Her dulcet tone sounding calmer, accent exotic, sweet honey to hear.  
She stepped close I felt weak as she kissed my bare cheek, My heart pounded a deafening whirr.  
So shocked i felt floored, this was my greatest reward, tint of crimson, she grinned at cheeks blush  
Emerald eyes I'm transfixed, but my feelings were mixed, intimidation but I had a huge crush.  
Circling slowly and keen, a new novelty seen, she said “pleasure to meet you this eve, i am Lish.  
If i came across tough its 'cause that guy just got rough, a quiet moment was my only wish"  
I stuttered "I s-seen I'm impressed, with one punch you messed him right up! situation controlled  
What you did to that dunce looked done more than just once, you got skills there my dear, very bold"  
"I controlled him alright but he'll wake warm with a fright" She said with a sneer making light his demise  
Then adds "Tell me my sweet what’s a cute tasty treat like you doing alone under such darkened skies?"  
I Said "I’m bored, lonely, can't tire, feel I’m stuck in a mire. seems I cant find my place on this earth  
with all that crap on my mind needed a peaceful haven to kind of just sit there and think about my worth  
Her fired retort “That’s some pretty deep thought, do you think it alright if i could join in your roam?  
You're a polite handsome guy, you may just be my type, I might let you join me with a drink back at home.  
"That would be more than just fine" "It’s been quite a long time since i had a feminine ear to converse.  
Plus my boredom you killed, dullness stunned all is chilled if you go home now that’s all put in reverse"  
I was naive but enticed though respected, played nice. Her visage made me feel more than fond  
Her only average was height, but all else in plain sight, so superb, just above and beyond.  
Devilishly svelte in blue dress, red pixie hair with a tress, lily white skin bathed lightly in moon.  
That aroma of myrrh smelt in air, so enticing, ensnaring, feminine pheromones to make mortals swoon  
Seductress approach now imposed as her long fingers closed on the rolled hemp in my hand.  
Was extinguished but with her lips touch it flared up. Black gloss left a scarlet print band.  
For a bit of fun play, she blew haze in my face then moved close like she wanted to dance  
Her intoxicant breath, packed an extra hit of effect, playing tricks with my eyes every glance  
With me dazed and confused and just a little bemused. She said "Don't always trust what you see  
I've more gifts than one, and if you chat with me some, I may share with you two more or three"  
Slightly confused I agreed, feeling far past intrigued, thoughts that brought me to her had been hurled  
Frankly right at that moment it felt like I Were floating , in Oz, if she were the wind i was whirled  
Found a retreat on the shore, felt I was dreaming for sure, some moments too good to be true  
We sat close on the sand she then took up my hand, as nail traced she said "hmm not one clue  
"Such a hard one for reading, your many scars are sight stealing, frustrating for me I’ll be frank  
I usually get a good feel of a person’s motives and deal but I must say that with you I draw blank  
My unique hidden skill makes most people spill but to get an insight i need emotions to fire  
But without second view, I'm not sure what to do, situation feels to me more than just dire"  
I said "Like a book I am open, if you wish something spoken about me all you need do is say  
I'm as true as the day here is long, lies don’t belong, talking straight up is an easier way"  
"Refreshing" she said as she tilted her head, her capturing gaze took grasp of my whole  
I could see there and then that inside this young Hyde was a wise and extremely old soul  
Does life leave you content? She asked with intent, I replied "So strange that now you should ask  
Just before your graced view, I asked the same thing as you, finding answers was more than a task  
You see I’m alone in this world, no family, friends and no girl, a leaf in the wind for most of my life  
Always going nowhere and I’m now fully aware that with no purpose I'll wind back in strife  
I'm no innocent you see, In my past Ive killed three, Forced fight for life , I've served some rough time  
lesson Learnt, I've now calmed, escaped before I was embalmed and I now struggle without relying on crime  
Illegal fighting's my work, my wounds deep inside hurt. I wake up in tears and I struggle to breath  
With all that I’ve said ive told too much I dread , I'll understand fully if now you must leave  
"My dear boy" Added tender, I don’t scare nor surrender and view you as far from a threat  
I'm actually feeling right now, Fate or luck at this hour may have brought you to me, my new pet  
She cuts straight to chase. "Many illusory man laid to waste, rare to find one with respect worth my trust  
Most men lie, cheat, deceive, get what they want and then leave. Are you just another one here seeking lust?  
I told her "No! Far from that, I'm much more in fact, I'm a cuddle monster, no slut seeking skin.  
But at the same time I’m hot blooded so with the right woman's love Id not shy from an existence of sin"  
"Well well” She beamed widely seeming a little excited "A cuddle monster sounds like the best kind of friend  
i'd make him loyal eternal, ranking equal not colonel with a bond that wont easily bend  
"I've spent a long time alone and when i sleep days at home There's always one thing for me that's amiss  
That once sated and sleepy there is no one that just sweetly send me to slumber with their long loving kiss.  
Then consider, i reply nervous, “My embracing service, whenever you need, any night that feels coarse"  
She replied "Tempting, but it’s like this, In the night i exist, though if you could sate me all day i'd endorse!"  
"I wont Lie though" she said "there's a some pain involved pet, Ill hurt you, I claw, scratch and bite  
I replied looking Wiley and quite broadly smiling My dear Lish I find the right kind of pain a delight  
So this deal sounds quite fine, where do you and I sign?", her reply "Oh my sweet dear you'll be getting my mark.  
But right now is the time to get to know you a while To decide if your turn is for partner or lark  
Is this happening?" I thought as we continued to walk , this girl made me feel amazingly great  
Hypothesizing in mind, that I had found the right kind and that Lish may be more than a mate.  
She dodged talk of days gone but told of a future she longed for, not maintenance high but to simply exist  
No turn off now on this road, she made me feel less alone. we took our time with no rush to insist  
After an evenings rave more than interest was raised but not one single dull moment nor yawn  
Time went by just too quick and before I could think, Lish said "Reluctantly I must go before dawn"  
"At next nightfall we'll meet, so take a moment for me, to soak in the suns rise and its fall  
Been more than a while, since its warmth hit my dial, so describe it to me, even detail small"  
I smiled and sighed and before I could wish her goodnight she pressed cold lips warmly to mine  
Closed my lids, I felt flush like an adrenaline rush, head spinning, drugged, her effect so sublime  
Minor sting on my lip, in her pout, a sharp tip, hands fastened arms, pulled me closer to savor  
I could tell that she was pleased and seemed more than appeased with my kiss and a drop of my flavor  
Like winded flame she was gone, then before very long, I was warmed by the sun on my face  
As I watched out to sea it started dawning on me it was the first id felt joy in that place  
Even right then I knew, she'd change more than my view, of that my opinion was already set  
Future no longer grim, Lish, domineering yet prim had laced my mind with her sexy vignette  
Now peaceful ease but feeling weak in the knees, home beckoned, had to lay down my head  
No big mouth jerk on the way, a dark scorch where he laid, ignored it to finish my bed!!  
Knew what i must do, made haste for my room, once on my pillow fell straight into dream  
Suddenly surrounded all sides, fear rolling in like the tide, now a nightmare, one all too extreme  
Haunting enemies faces, all lives i had taken, widows and orphans tormenting me more  
All the bad I had done, bruising bouts lost and won, hits hard left, right, up, down, then encore  
Punishment hitting so hard before it rained shattered shard, cutting edges sliced flesh from my bones  
Like the times past before, hurt stained to my core, trapped in my glass house while all others threw stones  
To a darkened void i then dived, thought i may not survive, felt consumed by my endless distress  
Pitch black, it went quiet, a reticent voice oh so pliant, my mind filled with her calming fluoresce  
"It's safe, they're all gone, it’s now just us here alone, settle, relax, don’t you stress now my dear  
For now you should rest then when we meet tonight pet, I've a dark gift to rid all guilt and fear"  
Woke up then thinking deep, i hadn't long been asleep, but time set on all proved me wrong.  
Hours flew right by in the wink of her eye, no better slumber from any other long gone.  
Cleaned, shaved pressed and dressed, attentivly watching sunset, couldn't wait to be closer to her  
Butterfly's now inside, the globe dipped passed the horizon, I sensed a familiar faint aroma of myrrh  
It was the same lovely scent from when Lish and I met, followed my nose and her bouquet grew strong  
My thoughts and feelings now bound, being remote led around, this direction taken could never be wrong  
But the wind picked up brief, now awake in a place filled with grief, I could feel that I wasnt alone.  
Sensed the dead were surrounding, I felt dread so astounding would likely brown mess my pants with one moan  
Distant break in the dark, my fast beating heart tapped in Morse “RUN ! ACROSS THE EXPANSE!!!"  
Barely sensing in optic, till I found some stairs gothic, moonlight illuminated a magnificent manse  
Ajar heavy doors by themselves opened more, a well lit crypt , Lish's scent filled the air  
I was in awe from the sight and had forgotten my fright, an Ossarary made with alot more than just flare  
A massive carved marble tomb, pillared, fully dec'd rooms, so grand. surely built for a queen  
Centerpiece double casket, suptle satin, hand crafted, could easily fit two wth room inbetween  
Despite the scene it felt right, no fear or dismay felt , not slight. A realized connection of life, death and peace  
In that moment and instant felt her presence not distant her arms wrap tightly, no intent to release  
Enfolded not slight, excited and viced tight from behind, she whispered “feels I’ve waited forever for this"  
Relaxed her strong grip, turned me to face with a twist, hungrily said “no man before has been gifted my kiss.  
My neck pulse madly jumped, a freight trains loaded pump. Her lips dripped for my warm filling treat  
Her hand ran down, I expanded. She pointed her kiss, thirst commanded, slightly caressing my throbbing pulse beat  
Gains control she retracts, decided to wait not to act, calming, reluctance, withdrew from the fun  
Said "Must settle, not yet, though more than my appetites wet, it’s important I'm sure you're the one  
I misread her intentions and somewhat foolishly mentioned "Though fully addicted I’ll wait for a hit.  
Our time together not long but my feelings grow strong, I think I'm falling for you Lish….. i'll admit"  
Hungry peeps fixed and set, on my crutch hard she lent, I said "I share with you hunger and thirst  
But no flesh not yet, first a slow minuet, I'm old fashioned, romantic, can I take you out first?"  
Full moist lips so divine mere inches from mine she said "But I'm so parched and my thirst must be quenched  
I suggested ", tavern? dancing? a bite? ,drop of red? a nip? or a pint? maybe just go till your mouth fully drenched?"  
"I love the way that you think", She said in a blink then she kissed as she dragged me outside by an arm  
Not only hard to resist this girls looks, strength and kiss but her every expression a direct hit of charm  
At the bar we arrived, Lish said "Babe go wait inside" seemed eager, pointing out to a girl all alone  
Lish in a instance was of in the distance, how she would console the young one was unknown.  
I followed her parting advice, entered the bar and thought “Nice, she"ll turn that poor girls night around  
I ordered a varied snack plate with two scotches up straight, found a table to sit, leather bound  
"What took you so long?" She said, her voice like a song. She sat placated at the table I chose  
She adds "Was hoping you'd come give me a pint of YOU Hun, but for now ill just settle for those"  
Placed the tray on the table, then when I sat I was able to spy on her lip one scarlet red mark  
I leaned in keen with a kiss, erased the smudge from her lip, expected sweet but its savory was stark  
Lish watched me savor as I processed the flavor, a coppery drop, my slight look of surprise  
"Did you like the taste?" She inquired "did it sate as required? did more than your interest just rise??"  
I said "It’s different but familiar, on it can’t quite put my finger but i will say that mixed with your kiss.  
Its an elixir of life, I enjoyed it , delightful, otherworldly, an inspired nirvana type bliss  
She smiled, "That's real good my pet, if we go further yet, this you must know straight away  
If after more time is spent, I decide you're mine...permanent, you'll endulge in the taste every day"  
I replied with some flirting "My dear Lish I am hurting, along with your lips its a taste i now crave.  
I'm looking forward to learning your needs and your yearnings then combining with my tastes to save.  
She said "You're far too tempting and seem more than consenting, I dont think I can wait anymore  
I hunger for you, I need just a quick taste or two I hope you're ready for what is in store  
"Come join me in private" beconed with full lips of violet, "We'll need somewhere with no prying eyes"  
In the crisp autumn air we walked down cobbled stairs to where no sensible man would be wise  
As I held her cold hand she said "You must understand that this is not something I thought I would do  
Though not content solitary I never thought there may be for me a man but then there came you  
Her scent then bloomed in full flare, she enflamed a red glare, shock effect that made me freeze still  
Hungry eyes, dripping sin, Lish seductive stepped in, salacious gaze, moving in for the kill  
At that moment a fright, a man with what i thought was a knife, made straight for my new loves turned back  
He got to within inches of her and she may have got hurt but i managed to thwart the attack  
Guy got back up so determined and after a short cursing sermon , retribution his biggest mistake  
I punched hard he fell backward smashed his head, a dead coward, No steel blade but a long wooden stake  
I Panicked "No! not again, Hes gone, stone cold fucking dead" I feared lost freedom as his life force pooled rife  
"Darling you saved me from him" She said "dont feel guilt on a whim, You're my knight , I owe you my life. "  
Her tender words hit the spot, slayer all but forgotton, sudden peace, feelings fully unfurled  
Lish rested her ear on my chest, softly whispered.....confessed "You're the one.....please be a part of my world?"  
She sighs so content exuding amorous intent she adds "My expectations you more than exceed"  
"I know we came here to dance and a night of romance but I need you now, Please love don’t make me plead"  
Though her intentions not clear, I did not really care, a long future with her now my only true goal  
I pledged "you've touched deep to my core, I want you evermore, keep my heart you have already stole  
"Can we once dance?" I asked politely, her brighter eyes batted lightly, showing fondness toward me never known  
Swirls of mist surrounded darkly, changing all surrounds starkly, I now knew Lish's kindred was unlike my own  
We took up much closer stance, both hungered in glance she said "Let’s trip the light fantastic my darling"  
Inner demon held at bay or I’d have been drained yesterday, calm but her primal beast now all but snarling  
I was jonesing but steeled as she plied feminine feel, past point of return , we were fully obsessed  
Close to my nape her head rested, her cold breath tapered against it, slow waltzing, now formally dressed.  
She sighed “Before you came no idea, that i could be thinking so clear that love could or would truly present  
With my minds stance now steadfast I feel fates die is cast. I need you with me in darkest descent"  
A sudden flash of bright light, flames burst into life coating the walls of the crypt from eves start.  
I didn't question her trick, our relocation so quick, bared in the flesh but still not one inch apart.  
Animalistic eyes, so surreal yet sublime. My hearts beat, no lounder peep.  
she said "With this dark bond my sweetheart we cant easily part, You're choice, Are you mine now to keep?."  
What will happen tonight begins with my bites and in turn ends with you drinking my blood  
Then your heart will stop beating and familiar life will cease being, new wants and needs will then hit like a flood  
No going back, no reverse, a gift but still an eternal curse, once done you'll be just like myself  
You'll be a hunter by night, in me or in slumber while light and most important... you'll drink life itself  
I pledge "My dark love I am smitten, with first kiss i was bitten, as long as you want me, I’ve always been yours"  
Gorgeous eyes iridescent, her sinfully heaven scent. Me meat for the beast, willing prey in her claws  
She said "Relax lay down now and I'll share all of my power, during your last mortal act of pure love"  
In our bed of satin. she began lashing, satisfaction, I rose hard, when enveloped from above  
I felt a slight stinging pinch, as she consumed every inch, massaging thick veined flesh with lips, teeth and tongue  
her roaming nails often catch, dealing small ripping scratches, reveling every in single second it stung  
she worked hard and acute, on my shaft, so astute , with each rise a weak hint of my blood  
She then released her mouths suction but didn't end her seduction. she climbed on to then to nail her stud  
Picked Miss Lish up with some force, no doubt or remorse, slammed and pinned, wide eyed and shocked by my tact.  
I Said "This games not one sided, you want me inside you?, MY taste first! then your ass will be smacked!!!"  
Lifted her foot to my tongue, sucked her toe, the big one, she bit her lip and closed glazed cherry eyes  
Kissed my way to her mound, her legs wrapped round , indulged lust i could no longer disguise  
Lish twisted and bucked, groaned and moaned as I supped but i couldn't stop, a real need to taste more  
Was so hungry, erect, sucked her swollen clit wet, but my flesh urged to deeply meat stake mi amor  
Not breaking her gaze, taste test over, mouth glazed, leg over shoulder teasing her entrance not burrowed  
i stare intent at her face as I slowly lent in, penetrated, she's painfully pleased, lip bit hard and brow furrowed  
My long key tightly fit, opened my chest as she bit, a raw sting made me arch with hit spot  
Delving deep in the wet, my peck leak mixed in with sweat, us both now hooked up in full carnal knot  
Mouths and tongues they explore, each other’s rival and more, cannibalistic, almost feasting on flesh  
Intertwined in our tryst, while deep down in her midst, pearl razors purposed in full as we mesh  
Symbiotic bodies heaved conjoint, jugular flowed by her points, dark injections now infecting my mind.  
Orgasmic pain its amazing as she kept perforating, reinforced all her lips, sealing tighter our bind  
"Baby bite harder!" I beseeched "more...MORE!!!" i repeat. vitae grin as she withdrew from fresh pits  
Pushed with force on my back she launched a savage attack, my ravishing ravager with an invited bite blitz  
With all our passions then releasing, an erotic explosion so pleasing, she held tight as she slid down my mast  
Moaning voices now louder with each withdraw a much prouder, no retreat!, on forward hard and fast!  
We sat raised erect, slightly slowing our step, sharp talons dug deep, my back plucked full of pains  
Embraced me even more tightly, plunged much deeper inside me, her pink lips vicely consumed lower veins  
Every mouthful she took, my world rocked, rolled and shook, wounds kiss seared before adding another  
Wanting more, wasting not, she chose careful each spot, branding all over to let known I'm her lover  
With signatured trademark repeated, venom was no longer needed, barely alive, my vitality strained  
Mortal colour faster fading as my life was cascading, on the edge, felt so spent, close to drained  
Areola openly sliced, talon cut like a knife , contrasting bruised ruby rain on my faded blue lips  
Her other flavour hit my tongue, a small drop, only one. instant thought of "I NEED MUCH MORE OF THIS"  
Now striving determined, for the only thing certain, followed that sweetest red wyne to its source  
Cradled and fed by my lover, now both my spose and new mother, no choice at all, I must stay the course"  
Convulsions, burning inside, she held me close as I died, rapid descent from my known mortal coil  
Sharp stinging stab in my chest, My heart gave up, sudden death. then safety from nightmarish turmoil  
Could feel Lish near, protecting, soft voice clearly projecting "Rest in peace, there are now changes at play  
When you wake up this eve, you'll be a whole different being, I have a real treat for my Kings rebirthday  
Although out of body I knew, changes inside me grew and would be unique to most felt during life  
Learnt legends from far nations but now an advanced education, both student and apple for Wife  
What's that scent in the air? not the same one Lish bared, more enticing, I wake wide eyed with a start  
Hypnotic rhythm, not mine but a pulse thumping in time , behind my cold pale flesh , a black heart  
Lish laid propped on her side, moistness straddled my thigh, she traced painted talon on scar  
"Good evening brave lover I know right now that you hunger, so I prepped a fresh fine dish for my Tsar  
What that was went without saying, the rhythmic pump was now baying, an aromatic sweetness, a flower in bloom .  
Lish, now not all that mattered my mind was now splattered with blood I more than craved to consume  
Rose from casket with purpose, only thought was for thirst, a recognized girl lashed to the alter I faced  
Same young one from last night, on her neck a seared bite, Lish said "A blossomed but virginal taste"  
Lish walked me over to her, hunger stole all my words, I licked my dry lips and extended tipped growth  
Juicebox anxious and crying, I didnt pay any mind, she was now but a meal for us both  
Though I could barely control, I kissed Lish long and bold, she said "After dinner you owe more than a tryst  
"But first birdie must bleed, wing, breast or thigh best to feed " I took up the veined delicate tender white wrist  
As I put warm skin to my lips, Lish teasingly stared as she bit, ivory penetrated goosebumped sweat coated breast  
Lambs pulse fastened much more, made me more than adore, teeth sliced her deep, liquid life I ingest.  
Sanguine fluid straight from the vein, no real words to explain, but to understate, simply exquizite bliss  
After my craving sedated, I slowed down though not sated, locking my brides eyes as we drank up that Miss.  
Lish soon let go of her vice. A heartbeat much less precise told us our banquet was now at its end  
My bride kiss cut my thumb to seed and sow the young one. saying " We need the occasional friend"  
Lish said "I am The underworld queen, slaves need keep me unseen, there are hunters that mean our kind harm  
But I feel safer, its strange, afterlife feels less strained , new confidence with you on my arm  
We left our slave there to die, with no real need for goodbye, She'd awaken as I, feeling no pain..  
My dark lover now completes me, A, B and O now my treats. Stronger bondage than leather lashings or chain  
Never a night not together, without a meal, bound by leather, we make a new friend or two on the way.  
Spare time suspended sinful in tryst, of that you must get the gist so with that there's not much more to say.  
Time long past, still in sync, since she imprinted her link , forever tied to my vampyric dove  
Our supernatural amalgamation, with my metamorphic transformation, supernuptials of an undying love.


Current Residence: tasmania, australia
Favourite genre of music: alternative
Favourite cartoon character: garfield


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